This collection of sixteen images represents the entire length of the Great Southern Rail Trail in the South Gippsland region of Victoria.

Each image depicts a section of trail between two historic station stops, as viewed from opposite sides. They were created in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, when freedom of outdoor movement became a fleeting and unpredictable privilege. Riding the trail on my bicycle was a welcome relief from the seemingly endless video chats, virtual meetings, and irregular indoor distractions. They are a depictive trace of the fleeting images that passed the periphery of my vision as I pedalled along the trail, beyond sunglasses misted from breath trapped behind a face mask.

Each image depicts not just the visual appearance of the trail, but also the time required to travel the represented space. Time has been transposed into spatial dimension. They are an attempt to depict the journey as the destination, and to escape the boundaries of visual representation that are drawn by the conventions of traditional landscape photography and painting.